About Our Online Courses

Five-Star Academy
Online courses for busy educators

  • *Everything is online; complete work at a time that’s convenient for you!
  • *Facilitated courses are available in 9- or 18-week sessions
  • *Learning experiences in facilitated courses include exploring resources, reflecting on content via online discussions, and completing activities that require application of knowledge gained from the module.
  • *Facilitators offer optional weekly virtual meetings where participants can ask questions, discuss topics in more detail, or simply get to know their classmates better.
  • *Courses are not graded.
  • *Participants may earn PGPs by completing course requirements
  • *No books are required.


New “Project”/”No Project” options for facilitated courses:

  • *The “Project” completion option allows participants to demonstrate mastery of course content by creating products (40 PGPs)
  • *The “No Project” option allows access to the same course resources, and individuals participate in discussions; however, there are no activities to complete that demonstrate overall mastery of course content (20-28 PGPs, depending on the course).